over the last 5 years, market volatility has created sizeable losses in DEALER’s inventory
AgileAuto brings clarity to the chaos of the used car market by giving dealers 
a roadmap of success that can be executed at every level of inventory acquisition retail and disposal.

With the power of machine learning, your entire acquisition strategy will be optimized to find the hidden value you’ve been missing through your dealer health score, The Agile Ratio.
Agile Ratio
Dealer’s healthscore for real-time, true and transparent decision-making.
Channel Performance
A breakdown of volume, profit and turn by acquisition source.
Today’s Acquisition Goal
An algorithmically generated number of vehicles you should acquire by day to optimize performance.
Market Conditions
Understand how your performance measures against your DMA and the national average.
Unit Sales Goal
With this goal in mind, Agile calculates a plan to keep you profitable and growing.
YoY Trends
Get a clear picture of your most important KPIs over time.
Gross Revenue Goal
Track your progress toward your financial goals for the month.
Group/Region Performance
Uncover your highest and lowest performing stores to optimize resources and attention.
Optimal Inventory Tracking
Understand the optimal number of vehicles you need on the lot to reach your sales goal, and not become over-leveraged.
Don’t be fragile Get agile
“Agile Auto’s intuitive program found and fixed the leaks in our used car operations. It even helped us onboard our new Used Vehicle Director by training him on the program fundamentals we follow.”
Andrew Ryan
Toothman Automotive Group
“AAuto helps give us the calculated courage we need to buy when others 
are holding and take market share when others are fighting aged inventory.”
Danny Zaslavsky
VINCUE Co-Founder & Managing Partner
“AAuto’s logic and insights helped us profit throughout the pandemic without the traditional ups and downs the market was presenting. We certainly would have given back pandemic profits if it wasn't for this program.”
Larry Harris
Infiniti of South Bay
“Agile Auto’s logic has proven itself month after month and year after year. It's not something you can pay attention to once in a while. It requires discipline.”
Jake Dunkscampbell
P & W BMW of Pittsburgh